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Products at Purrfurably Cats

You only need to make one stop for ALL of your cat’s needs at Purrfurably Cats Veterinary Hospital.


Purrfurably Cats Veterinary Clinic has a complete in-house pharmacy and will dispense most medications at the time of your pet’s appointment. Prescription refill requests can be called into the clinic and are promptly processed, usually the same day. Annual bloodwork analysis is required for certain long-term medications. Please call for a refill of your pet’s prescriptions prior to arriving for pick-up so we may ensure a limited wait in the lobby.


We carry an extensive selection of prescription as well as maintenance diets available in both canned and dry formulas. The brands we carry are the full line of Hill’s Science Diet and Purina. We can also order Royal Canin and Iams Veterinary Diets. Special requests can often be filled if called for a week in advance. We take pride in providing proactive nutritional counseling for your finicky feline. Whether you’re trying to help your cat lose weight, regain your pet’s healthy urinary tract after a recent infection, or just trying to provide a great kitten growth diet, we have what you’ll need!

Flea Control

Fleas are a terrible nuisance and may pose a very real threat to the health and comfort of your pet. In addition to extreme discomfort to your cat, fleas can infest your home and make it very unpleasant for all of your family. No matter what the weather is like outside, the climate inside your home is always perfect for supporting an entire population of fleas. Be wary of “over the counter” flea products, as some can be dangerous to your cat’s health. Purrfurably Cats Veterinary Hospital has a wide variety of products that can take care of your flea and tick prevention needs. We offer Revolution, Vectra, and Capstar. We also carry Knockout spray for house treatment. We prefer the Knockout spray because you do not have to evacuate your home for treatment. It is safe, effective, and can be applied only where needed. Call today to find out which flea product is right for your pet.

Pheromone Behavior Products

We offer two different pheromone products: Nurture Calm Collar and Feliway products.

Feliway is a spray, diffuser, or wipe used to treat some unwanted behaviors in cats. It is a synthetic copy of a feline pheromone used by cats to mark their territory as safe and secure. It can help prevent cats from urine marking and vertical scratching in the home. It is also helpful when changing a cat’s environment, through traveling, or following a disruption in a cat’s current living space (such as a new pet, remodeling, or a new baby.)

NurtureCALMPheromone Collars are a 30-day solution for behavior management. They provide a superior delivery of pheromones and are longer-lasting than any other pheromone product available. The patented pheromone mimics the one kittens are exposed to while nursing and continues to create feelings of well-being and security through adulthood. Unlike diffusers or sprays, NurtureCALM 24/7 collars provide round-the-clock pheromone release, making compliance a non-issue. They are a safe, effective first-line intervention, often eliminating the need for powerful prescription medications. They can be used without long-term side effects on cats of all breeds and ages.

Cat Toys

Playtime is extra special at Purrfurably Cats Veterinary Hospital (we try these things out on our cats at home first). Our favorite toy is the DaBird cat wand. The feather is on a swivel to mimic actual bird flight and sound, and cats go CRAZY for it. We also carry other toy wands, catnip toys, kickers, and furry mice.

For your convenience, we also carry Beastie Bands, a stretch collar with a Velcro closure in multiple fun colors and patterns. Other products include flea combs, nail clippers, dental hygiene products, vitamins, treats, and a comprehensive line of specific health issue natural supplements.