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Dr. Kathleen Marcus


The acquisition of Purrfurably Cats is the result of providing veterinary grunt work in places like Edison, New Jersey, Waterloo, and Danville, Illinois; undergraduate studies at Rutgers University and then obtained a veterinary degree from the University; a three thousand mile trek in a timeless post-college Subaru (with attached, equally cliche Uhaul); in practicing in Los Angeles, Palo Alto, Sugarland Texas, and a few veterinary hospitals on the peninsula, but Dr. Kathleen Marcus doesn’t regret a second of it.

“I had this tunnel vision of what I wanted to do, but to get to this point right here took a lot of bashing and breaking through walls. I don’t know how to phrase it, but it was a battle. Nothing came easy. You have to work hard for what you want. That doesn’t scare me, and I don’t mind doing it.”

Dr. Kathleen Marcus, owner/veterinarian at Purrfurably Cats is an outspoken cat lady and sees no reason why her humble but passionate feline home away from home could cater to any other animal. With a heartfelt devotion, Dr. Marcus and her team have intuited what it takes for care for such an elusive animal, and what they’ve learned along the way is that the best policy isn’t always rigid or by the book. “That’s what I love about owning my practice,” says Kathleen. “It gives me a place for justice in the world. It frees me to practice exactly the way I want to with whatever sense of intuition and medical know-how I have.”

Kathleen has come to find that her practice as a whole requires her to be part doctor, part teacher. One main priority of Dr. Marcus is the cats’ stress levels, which have everything to do with both their internal health and their external environment. Having spent her whole life appreciating and caring for cats, “as a girl, she homed many kittens in need by caring them in her bicycle basket to new homes,” Dr. Marcus is eager to impart her medical understanding of what it takes to own a happy cat on to everyone that walks through Purrfurably Cats’ doors.

Venturing all the way from Piscataway, New Jersey, to make a home on the central coast is a proud feat in and of itself, but to successfully own and operate a business doing what she loves after all these years of sacrifice and hard work is a lesson in perseverance Dr. Marcus can teach us a lot about. Her attitude is encouraging; “Everyone can find their niche. I have my personality, and not everyone is going to like it. I try to be a good person and to be honest. “I know who I am.” She is content and happy, and it seems like the cats are too.

Mayra G.
Veterinary Assistant

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Audrey P.
Veterinary Assistant

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Cynthia C.
Veterinary Assistant/Receptionist

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Shawna H.
Kennel Assistant/Receptionist

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Michelle T.
Kennel Assistant

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Ruby N.

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Ayndi Hinojosa
Hospital Manager

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