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Going on a trip? Moving in or out of town? Need a place for kitty to stay? Let us help! Purrfurably Cats Veterinary Clinic offers luxurious boarding accommodations in a friendly cat only environment.


Cat Boarding Info

Each comes with space for a bed, a box for sleeping or hiding in, a litter box, and food dishes. When more spacious accommodations are required, an upgrade to one of our Deluxe, Triple, or Condo Suites can be arranged.

Our caring expert staff takes pride in providing all of our boarding guests with a comfortable experience while their owners are away. Our luxurious boarding accommodations include the following:

  • Room Service – All guests are fed the diet provided by you at check-in. We provide premium-grade wet and dry food if you forget or can’t bring your own food for an additional fee.
  • Housekeeping – All Suites are cleaned, and the litter boxes are scooped at least twice daily. All boarding areas are thoroughly disinfected after each cat’s departure to prevent the spread of illness.
  • Medication/Hospital Services – Our highly trained, attentive staff can administer any type of medication your cat may need if you provide it with instructions at check-in time for an additional fee.

Purrfurably Cats Veterinary Clinic is happy to provide any additional services that you may request while your cat stays with us. This may include examinations, vaccinations, grooming, etc.

The boarding area is a part of a full service, exclusively feline veterinary hospital, and our veterinary staff carefully monitors all guests. To ensure sufficient space for your cat’s stay, reservations are highly recommended, especially during holidays. In order to better prepare for your cat’s stay, we schedule a drop-off appointment to get instructions on how to care for your kitty and to make sure vaccines are up to date, and that kitty is flea-free. Please bring your cat’s own food, as we want them to remain on the same diet and feel as comfortable here as they would be in their own home. We also suggest some personal items to ensure their happiness, such as bedding, toys, favorite shirt, and treats. We want to provide your cat with the highest personalized care possible. Please notify us if your cat has physical impairments or special needs due to age or health.

Boarding Checklist

Mandatory Items:

( ) Boarding Agreement – completed & signed

( ) Vaccination Records –Rabies and Distemper (FVRCP) vaccines are required. Please feel free to fax (831-655-2287) or email ([email protected]) ahead of time.

Optional Items:

( ) Food – Please bring your cat’s own food, as we want them to remain on the same diet and feel as comfortable here as they would in their own home. We serve premium-grade wet & dry cat food for an additional charge if you forget or cannot bring your own food.

( ) Worn Clothing – your scent is comforting to your cat. You may consider bringing a T-shirt, pillowcase, or blanket. It reminds them of home.

( ) Brush  

( ) Toys

( ) Cat Bed – we provide comfy beds, so it’s up to you if you want to bring their bed from home

( ) Cat Treats – again, we provide treats, but they may be a different brand than your cat is used to


If your travel plans are disrupted, and your return is delayed, it is important that we can continue to administer any necessary medications to your cat. Therefore you should make sure to provide a few extra days worth of medication. The same is true for food if you choose to provide it. Any unused medication and food are returned to you when you pick up your cat.

Vaccine Policy

A Current Rabies and Distemper (FVRCP) vaccine is required for all boarders. You may either bring records with you or fax (831-655-2295) or email ([email protected]) ahead of time.

Flea Policy

In order to maintain a flea-free environment for our guests, we will inspect all cats upon arrival for evidence of flea infestation. If evidence of fleas is found, we will give a dose of Capstar to your cat at an additional cost to you. We recommend having Revolution applied during your cat’s boarding stay to ensure that your cat returns home flea-free. Please notify our staff if you would like this product applied when you check-in. Please notify our staff if you have applied another flea product to your cat within 3 weeks prior to boarding with us.