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Purrfurably Cats offers comprehensive behavioral counseling services to help manage and overcome negative cat behaviors once and for all.
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Cat Behavior Consultation Info

If your pet is exhibiting unusual and/or concerning behaviors, it is important to first rule out an underlying medical cause for that behavior. For example, a cat that urinates outside the litter box may have a urinary tract infection. To rule out potential underlying health problems first, all behavioral evaluations at Purrfurably Cats Veterinary Hospital begin with a physical examination, screenings and laboratory tests, which could include a complete blood count, serum chemistry profile, thyroid screening and urinalysis. The tests we recommend will depend on your pet’s symptoms and general health. If we do identify a medical disorder, we will discuss your cat’s treatment options.

If all tests come back negative, and we do not find a medical problem that could be associated with the change in behavior, we will recommend ways to mitigate unwelcome behavior and may put you in touch with a trainer we trust who can provide you with a customized behavior modification plan.